Mogami Pureline V5 Power Cable

Brand: Mogami


Experience improved clarity with a more expansive soundstage bringing out the best in your equipment’s presentation.

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Guaranteed to get smoother highs, fuller and fleshier mids and weightier bass this budget cable is an absolute steal for the price. With an outer diameter of 15 mm this is a double jacketed cable that use a pure copper braided shield that provides excellent rejection of RF and EM signals. The cable is equipped with a high-quality tin shield. This heavy shield has two important functions:

  1. It keeps powerline noise from radiating outwards onto your close by equipment and interconnects
  2. It keeps external electromagnetic and radio frequency interference from entering the AC line
  3. The pure copper heavy cores provide absolutely clean instantaneous power with a totally noise free background. The Quietness can be heard immediately

The line and neutral cores consist of 45 strands of 0.22mm thin OFC neglex copper coated for a very low resistance and offers dynamism and a very sweet tone to the presentation.
(The cable’s loop current series resistance is therefore a very low 0.02 Ohm per meter run.)

The Pure line V5 is an excellent place to start when considering upgrading your mains cables and we believe it can bring discernible improvements to any level of system – from a mini-system to high-end components. Its lower cost means that you can upgrade more components which brings an even bigger improvement through their ‘cumulative’ effect – in fact, it’s better to upgrade more components with this level of cable than to upgrade one component with a much more expensive model.


  • Conductor: 14mm OD – 12 AWG / 2.5mm2 x 3  : 60/0.49mm (Specially Optimized silver coated Copper)
  • 2 layers EMI/RF shielding with vibration absorbing structure
  • Pure Copper Braided shield
  • Rated True 300V / 20A
  • CRYO -192 Degrees (48hrs)
  • Unique Patented Filler sheath
  • Standard length- 5 feet (1.5 meter)


  • IEC+ US plug that fits into All distribution boxes like MX,Belkin Supra etc
  • Voltage Rating:  true 15A /250V
  • Materiel: 99.99% OFC Furukawa Red – Copper – with 22k true gold plating on iec and US 3 pin plug
  • Dimensions:70mm body length x 35mm diameter x 69mm overall length
  • Nylon/fiberglass front body with polycarbonate shell
  • CRYO -192 Degrees (48hrs)

Important note – 1.5 m lengths are in ready stock however any other length when ordered will take a 1 week termination time, please note this well before you order and followup.


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