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What’s Auro 3D?

Auro 3D

As technology continues to evolve, AURO-3D® – a revolutionary audio technology – is profoundly changing the sound game, bringing you the ultimate immersive experience. Effortlessly enveloping you in a life-like sound cocoon, wouldn’t you prefer a sound experience that emanates from all around and above you, as in reality? AURO-3D offers just that, and more!

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Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment

Acoustic treatment – ever heard of it? If you’re planning to build a home theatre, it’s a term you don’t want to be a stranger to. In this article, we are going to delve deep into this essential aspect of sound design that guarantees high-quality audio and noise control, enhancing your listening experience.

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AV Separates vs AV Receiver

Instead of being an all-in-one device like an AV receiver or AVR, an AV Separate is thought of as a tool that performs a single task. For instance, the pre-amp/processors in our AV Series are exactly that—pre-amp/processors. They must be used in conjunction with external power amps because they lack internal amplification channels. Now let’s talk about our MM Series amplifiers. There is no built-in volume control in this line of amplifiers, which are solely power amplifiers. They can be used with any pre-amp or processor, but they are intended to be used with our AV Series of pre-amp/processors.

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