Primare I15 Prisma MK2 Compact Streaming Integrated Amplifier

Brand: Primare
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I15 Prisma MK2 – a compact streaming integrated amplifier to fit anywhere – NOW ROON READY!

I15 Prisma MK2 is an award winning compact integrated amplifier and network player providing remarkable power and featuring Prisma music streaming and multi-room/multi-zone functionality; with its three-quarter-sized cabinet, opening up even greater possibilities for providing the highest quality music performance and access to any and every room in the house.

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I15 Prisma MK2 – integrated amplifier and network player

The I15 Prisma MK2 is a compact integrated system control center and amplifier – capable of providing exemplary performance whether the source is analog or digital, stored or streamed, wired or wireless.


Input Section – Carefully crafted input circuitry utilizes relays for input switching providing better isolation and sound than found in more conventional CMOS (Complementary metal– oxide–semiconductor) switches, and improved 2 x 4 channel balanced mode volume control IC selected for optimal channel balance and low listening level performance.

Amplification – The I15 Prisma employs a specially made Hypex UCD102 amplifier module, fed by our custom heavy duty switch mode power supply and carefully crafted analog input stage, provides a dynamic and detailed sound. The large scale mass production of this module allows us to provide the balanced and coherent sound for which Primare has become known at a more reasonable price than can be achieved with our limited production UFPD 2 amplifier module technology found in the larger I25 and I35, and A35.2 amplifiers.

Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC) – In order to allow for playback of virtually any digital source with absolute accuracy and musicality a high performance 32-bit stereo ESS ES9028Q2M reference DAC chipset was selected for the I15 Prisma MK2, which uses the critically acclaimed ESS patented 32-bit HyperStream technology capable of delivering a DNR of 129dB and THD+N of -120db S/N, while supporting up to 384kHz PCM and 256/11.2MHz DSD; performance levels that will satisfy the most demanding system needs and audio enthusiast.


Front Panel Display – the latest generation OLED display technology used in the I15 Prisma MK2 was originally developed for the automobile industry to ensure long life in even the most hostile environments, and improved readability due to greater consistency of colour value and brightness level.

Control Configuration – either from the front panel, C25 IR remote control or Prisma app, the I15 Prisma can be configured to best suit system needs, including:

Inputs can be assigned as a surround sound passthrough for incorporating the amplifier into a home cinema. Auto sense input circuitry can be configured to wake up the I15 Prisma MK2 from standby and automatically select any input source, or if already operating select any source, as it is activated.

Roon Ready

Roon transforms the experience of browsing music. Artist photos, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers are located automatically, then interconnected by links to build a surfable, searchable digital magazine about your music collection.

And Roon finds all the same links between your personal files and the millions of tracks available on TIDAL, so you can start with the music you know, then explore and discover new music from the world beyond your collection.

Primare I15 Prisma MK2 – Compact Streaming Integrated Amplifier System Building

System Building

With the 15 Series, we offer a carefully considered array of models in order to allow for the best selection to fit any of your system needs. For example, the ultimate 15 Series system might be the DD15 CD transport, SC15 Prisma preamplifier and network player, I15 analog integrated amplifier, and R15 MM/MC phono preamplifier, allowing for the best performance, analog or digital, with the greatest number of connection options. However, there may be no need for additional digital inputs, MC phono preamplification may not be requirement, or simply to address budget or size considerations, a system composed of CD15 Prisma CD and network player with an I15 MM integrated amplifier with MM15 MM phono module installed could be assembled. This compact and reasonably priced system provides multiple analog source playback, including vinyl disc, as well as digital disc, stored or streamed media playback, with remarkable power, control, and connection flexibility. And finally, for those without the need for either CD or LP playback, an I15 Prisma with a pair of speakers may be all that is needed to build the perfect system.

The look and feel of Scandinavia

We believe that every aspect of our products – the way they look, the satisfying feel of the controls – contributes to the overall experience of living with Primare. As a result, Primare products exude the hallmarks of Scandinavian design – simple, elegant designs, with approachable and easy to understand functionality.
An example of this is the idea of being inconspicuous, of not drawing undue attention, which is inherent in the physical design of the I15 Prisma MK2, both in its compact size as well as minimal display and button array providing all the information and control necessary; simply and elegantly.

For more details read the I15 Prisma MK2 Design Brief at this link or the videos below:

I15 Prisma Integrated Amplifier and SC15 Prisma Network Player Video

In this video we review the features and functionality of both the I15 Prisma integrated amplifier and SC15 Prisma network player that may make them the perfect addition to your system.

15 Series System Building Video

In this video describes some of the system options available with 15 Series models.

Key features

  • Stream hundreds of music services using familiar apps and devices, including high resolution platforms like Qobuz, Spotify, and Tidal HiFi
  • Complete control of network connected hard drives using the Prisma application
  • Advanced input, output and control options to satisfy virtually any system needs, including voice control and Roon media management software
  • Powerful amplification and sophisticated DAC sections deliver every detail and nuance with power and precise control

Compact, All-In-One and Just Right

“Compact and Powerful: The dimensions of the I15 say nothing about the performance, because the amplifier combines power and refinement and by the broad support of modern hi-res audio formats you can also enjoy the best quality music. The I15 Prisma indeed delivers, as Primare has already thought up, performance that matches the Swedish expression ‘LAGOM’. This is just right. Especially when you look at the price.”

HVT, The Netherlands, September 2018

Prisma – Network and Multiroom Technology

Prisma is a bundle of technologies that provide the broadest range of network music player features and functionality. Essentially created to be a streamer that would allow everyone, and everywhere, in the household to explore, discover, and share the deeply satisfying experience of high-performance music playback – Prisma provides multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control of stored and streamed media, whether wired or wireless, all managed from mobile devices through the dedicated Prisma system control app. In addition to AirPlay 2, Bluetooth®, Roon Ready*, and Spotify Connect®, Prisma features Chromecast built-in, a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to hundreds of streaming applications and services, including voice control, for the best possible performance and user experience.
* with future update

Primare I15 Prisma MK2 – Compact Streaming Integrated Amplifier Amplifier and DAC technology

Amplifier and DAC technology

The amplification section utilises a class leading Hypex all analog output stage providing 60 watts of power into an 8-ohm and 100 watts into a 4-ohm load for astonishing drive and control of virtually any speaker, completely belying the amplifier’s compact size. The digital to analog conversion stage is equally impressive, capable of processing music files with resolution up to PCM 384kHz and DSD 256 capabilities.

Our design philosophy

Primare products embody the Scandinavian design ideal of lagom – that sense of not too much or too little, but just right; everything in balance, proportion, and harmony.


  • Output power2 x 60W/100W 8/4 ohms
  • DACESS ES9028Q2M
  • RCA1 x stereo analog pair
  • 3.5 mm1 x stereo analog/digital
  • RCA1 x digital input
  • Toslinkx 3 digital inputs
  • USB-B1 x digital input
  • RCA1 x stereo pair variable analog output
  • RCA1 x digital output
  • C25 remoteIR system control
  • IR3.5 mm in/out
  • RS232outboard system control port
  • 12V Triggerout
  • Prismaconnectivity and control
  • USB-Ax 1
  • Ethernetx 1
  • WiFi
  • AirPlay 2
  • Bluetooth
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Spotify Connect
  • Dimensions350 x 73 x 329 mm (WHD)
  • Weight 6.4 Kg
  • Finishblack or titanium

For more detailed specifications see the design brief and user guide.

Manuals and documents


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