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The Topaz Speaker Stand is our answer to speakers that require higher stability due to a need of being installed at a higher-than-normal height.

Most Stereo front speakers are generally installed 25-26 inch above the floor, however, certain smaller speakers or surround speakers need to be installed at 30 or even 40 inches above the floor in some cases. Even in studio environments where the listener is near field or sitting on a recording chair (or regular chair for that matter) rather than a lounge sofa the speaker needs to be higher up to experience the correct soundstage. In these cases, the Topaz is the “go-to” stands.

The higher up you go the lower the stability. Due to this, we need to lower the centre of gravity for sufficient stability. Our large span engineered bottom plate makes sure the centre of gravity is sufficiently closer to the floor which translates to higher stability in the case of taller stands. The unique X design 4mm thick base uses the largest span for the best stability and has 4 stainless steel isolating spikes.

The central column is a 4mm thick aero grade aluminium extrusion with T9 hardness and has an inbuilt wire management. The stand also is supplied with silicone gel pads that are to be stuck on the top plate. These gel pads isolate the speaker from the top plate and also provide an antiskid surface. These are optional to use, and we advise users to use blue tack in case they have pets or children.

Assembly is extremely simple requiring nothing but a screwdriver.

Specifications and Features

  1. Size of the base plate (bottom) – W 13 “ X D 16.5 “
  2. Size of the speaker support plate (top ) – W 8.0 “ X D 10.5”
  3. Height of stand – 26inch
  4. Supports wire Management
  5. Colour – Sandblasted Matt Black
  6. Suitable for speakers weighing up to 15kgs per pc


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