Mogami Pureline V3 Power Cable

Brand: Mogami


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After considerable amounts of trials and legwork and research, Sound Foundations is now offering the new MOGAMI based Pureline Power Cable to fellow audiophiles. Sound Foundations has tried to remain loyal to physics, trials, experience and lastly our own ears rather than falling prey to marketing and ambiguous claims. It is important to understand that the main criterion here is, supplying “clean” and efficient power to our electronics without having a smudging or clouding effect.

Here in India, we face a two-pronged problem, first – since we are a price-sensitive market there is no Indian manufacturer that produces good quality IECs or plugs. (P.S This is the reason we have had to source our plugs from outside Indian shores.). The other issue we face is that of “dirty” power. Most of our power mains come tapped from various stations, substations; fuse boxes etc having below par connectors with no RF or EMI control. This is a cause for concern.

It is this “dirty” power that muddies the sound of a system There is, in fact, NO power cable that can CLEAN that – however, a good power cable will provide a clean transmission based on the quality of the copper and how it manages interferences. “A particular item from Mogami gives us all that we needed and hence we have based our new Pureline V3 series on that”. This cable uses a non-shielded Mogami Quad base cable.

A particular item from Mogami gives us all that we needed and hence we have based our new Pureline V3 series on that uaranteed to get smoother highs, fuller and fleshier mids and weightier bass this budget cable is an absolute steal for the price.

Experience improved clarity with a more expansive soundstage bringing out the best in your equipment presentation. The Pureline used customized high purity oxygen-free stranded copper conductors. The effective cross-section area of the current leads (*2) each is 2.0mm², yielding a very low 0.8 Ohm/100 m. series resistance. The cable’s loop current series resistance is, therefore, a very low 0.02 Ohm per meter run.

The Pureline is an excellent place to start when considering upgrading your mains cables and we believe it can bring discernible improvements to any level of the system – from a mini-system to high-end components. Its lower-cost means that you can upgrade more components which brings an even bigger improvement through their ‘cumulative’ effect – in fact, it’s better to upgrade more components with this level of cable than to upgrade one component with a much more expensive model.

Cable Specs

  • Conductor: 13mm OD – 2.0mm2 x 4 cores: 60/0.49mm (Specially Optimized Copper)
  • Rated True 250V / 12A
  • Unique Patented Filler sheath
  • Standard length- 5 feet (1.5 meter)

Connector Specs

  • IEC+ US plug/UK plug those fits into All distribution boxes like MX, Belkin Supra etc.
  • Voltage Rating:  true 12A /250V
  • Materiel: 99.9% OFC
  • Dimensions:70mm body length x 35mm diameter x 69mm overall length
  • Nylon/fibreglass front body with polycarbonate shell


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