Primare R35 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

Brand: Primare
Premium Quality Audio Video Product


R35 – MM/MC phono preamplifier

R35 is our most sophisticated and capable MM/MC phono preamplifier, providing the ideal interface between the low-level output of a moving magnet or moving coil phono cartridge and the line-level inputs of your hi-fi system, either RCA or XLR.

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R35 MM/MC phono preamp is designed to amplify with honest fidelity the delicate signal from even the lowest output phono cartridge.

The design has been carefully crafted so that all components work sympathetically together, including a fully isolated power supply, allowing the highly sensitive signal components to function in a noise free environment for superior performance, resulting in cleaner sound and greater fidelity. R35 features adjustable gain to amplify the signal from virtually any moving magnet or moving coil phono cartridge, and a very wide range of input adjustments allowing for ideal cartridge and system matching.

Primare R35 MM:MC Phono Preamplifier Technology

We believe that every aspect of our products – the way they look, the satisfying feel of the controls – contributes to the overall experience of living with Primare. As a result, Primare products exude the hallmarks of Scandinavian design – simple, elegant designs, with approachable and easy to understand functionality.

An example of this is the standby button discretely placed within the Primare logo on the faceplate of our R15, R35 and A35.2 models – or as we say lagom, not too much not too little, everything in balance, proportion, and harmony.

Primare PRE35 Prisma DM36 Modular Preamplifier & Network Player Prisma System Building

Modular Design and System Building

We feel it is essential to offer modularity whenever possible in order to have just the right features, both now and for the future. Modular design is featured in the I25 and I35 modular integrated amplifiers, as well as the PRE35 modular preamplifier, all of which can be updated with DAC and Prisma modules, as well as the CD35 CD player that can have the Prisma module added, either at the time of purchase or at a later date. As a result, we are able to offer a carefully considered array of models and configurations in order to allow for device selection that best fits any system need. For example, a CD35 with Prisma module installed can be paired with an I35 integrated amplifier, allowing for a separation of analog and digital stages. Or, an I35 with DAC and Prisma modules installed can be paired with a DD35 CD transport, allowing for multi-room and multi-zone playback of every input, whether analog or digital source.

Our design philosophy

Primare products embody the Scandinavian design ideal of lagom – that sense of not too much or too little, but just right; everything in balance, proportion, and harmony.


  • MM/MC moving coil and moving magnet
  • Gain adjustment up to 50db MM and 76db MC
  • Load adjustment capacitance and resistance
  • RCA 1 x stereo pair input
  • RCA 1 x stereo pair output
  • XLR 1 x stereo pair output
  • Dimensions 430x384x92mm (WHD)
  • Weight 9.5 Kg
  • Finishes black or titanium

For more detailed specifications see the design brief and user guide.

Manuals and documents

Awards & Reviews

  • Audiograde, UK, December 2022
    R35 – Audiograde Best of 2022 / Phono Stage

    “Primare’s legacy R32 has been our reference phono stage for almost a decade, but the R35 sets the bar so much higher, with so many settings, balanced connections and improved audio, it really is the reference phono stage.”

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  • Audiograde, UK, Oct 2022
    Primare R35 phono stage review

    “In the R35 what Primare has done is focus on offering a product that can rival the best on spec alone, while not sacrificing what sets it apart from most at the price which is its sheer musical performance. It has depth and detail in spades, with an analogue character that underlines vinyl’s enduring appeal. It’s bass control is also class leading, and when you put all this together, the package is outstanding.”

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  • HiFi+, UK, October 2021
    HiFi+ Innovation Award 2021

    Primare have received an Innovation award from HiFi+ with the following citation:

    First founded in 1985 by industrial designer Bo Christensen, Primare’s is perhaps one of the most recognisably Scandinavian brands in audio. Its combination of minimalism and good performance all point to a Swedish brand.

    So, when Primare uses a Swedish word to describe its ethos, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised. That word is ‘Lagom’ (pronounced ‘laah-goam’) and roughly translates to ‘just the right amount.’ In Primare’s world this means keeping everything in balance, harmony and proportion, and that the music – rather than the technology or the box in which it comes – should be the focus of audio.

    To this end, Primare employs a very modular approach to its product design, such as its latest Ultra Fast Power Device module (used throughout the range), which shows what Class D can do in the hands of very competent design engineers.

    Link to announcement: HiFi+200 Innovation Award 

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  • HVT, The Netherlands, June 2021
    R35: Viking and Vinyl

    What I like about the ‘no nonsense’ aspect of the R35 that is so appealing is that the character of the vinyl (recording, production, quality of mix, master and pressing) is presented quite frankly and not uncritically. My bad records really don’t get any better and the good versions sound better than I’ve ever heard them.”

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  • Lyd & Bilde, Norway
    R35 – 6 Star Review

    ”If you are looking for a flexible phono stage that can be used on all pickups, and that plays heavenly without breaking the bank completely, the Primare R35 is one of the best choices in the price range below NOK 20,000. Outstanding / 6 stars ”

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  • Stereo+, Norway, January 2021
    Primare R35 awarded Phono Preamp Product of the Year 2020-2021 by Stereo+

    “So what are the arguments for buying a Primare R35? First, it has more settings and higher flexibility than most of its competitors in the price range. This in itself provides a usable guarantee that you get the full potential of your pickup and turntable, no matter what you want to buy or have before. If you already have Primare and want your system to sound great and at the same time look holistic and stylish, just buy. Primare R35 is stylish, impressively flexible, and plays brilliantly.”
  • HiFi+, UK, November 2020
    R35: Primare R35 solid-state, MM/MC phono stage

    “The Primare R35 is that rare thing: an audio component with a lot of features that also sounds exceptionally revealing. Usually, it’s one or the other, so getting both in a professionally executed package with some superior styling touches at a sensible price is quite an achievement.”

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  • Stereo+, Norway, September 2020
    R35: Sound on the Very Top Shelf

    “Only seconds into the first track, it is clear that the Primare R35 creates a large and beautiful three-dimensional space, and it does so without over focusing on certain instruments or certain areas of the frequency range. The sound is very well balanced, the dynamics are excellent, and the sound is neat and precisely reproduced… The focus on voices and instruments is excellent and makes the music experience believable and natural. The voices are drawn in the middle, with the rest of the band or orchestra beautifully and neatly placed in both width and depth on the back. Five Stars.”

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  • Hi-Fi News, UK, May 2020
    R35: Primare R35

    “Primare R35 – Flagship phono stage is an analogue triumph… it is an incredibly flexible and capable phono stage that seemingly has the ability to extract the very best from any cartridge that crosses its path. A rare feat at any price, this only further pumps up the R35’s value. OUTSTANDING PRODUCT.”

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  • Alpha-Audio, The Netherlands, June 2020
    R35: Review Primare R35 phono pre-amp

    “Primare proves with the R35 that a top product does not have to cost power. What a fantastic sounding preamp for your record player and cartridge. Your vinyl will sound better no matter what element you connect to it. You get detail, musicality, dynamics, soundstage, in short everything that makes music. The R35 allows you to fine-tune the tuning in detail, which is a job that will reward you richly. We will use this Primare R35 as a reference phono preamp and that of course includes an Alpha Approved predicate. Bra gjort (“well done” in Swedish), Primare! Five Stars, Alpha Approved.”

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  • Audio, Germany, May 2020
    R35: Professional Appearance

    “Technically well designed, the Primare R35 is at the forefront of its price range. Not as a show off, but with strict neutrality with no effort. That is what I call to the point.”

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