Sound Foundations POWERBASE Power Filter and Protection Unit


Experience improved clarity with a more expansive soundstage bringing out the best in your equipment’s presentation.

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The Sound Foundations POWERBASE power filter and protection unit is a high-quality solution for distribution and protection for your valuable Hi-Fi. Built using OFC grade copper sockets housed in an all-aluminium casing the ac8 boasts of a 15 Amp current rating with external reset buttons, dual independent power rails (each having its own switch) and a reference grade IEC input.

Two separate rails allow you to separate your high current draw devices like your power amplifiers isolated from more sensitive equipment like your CD players/ DAC’s etc. In addition to the above, it also incorporates a high-quality RF/EMI filter and a smart digital illuminated voltage display which allows you to keep track of what voltage your house is currently receiving.

The internal surge protector is rated at 3000 joules and capable of taking more than a couple of hits without compromising your equipment and has a 15a overload short circuit protection. The device features 6 gold plated copper based Multi sockets that can take Indian (5 Amp), American 3 pin, Singaporean, Chinese, euro 2 pin, UK and South African power plugs.

In addition to the above It also features 4 dedicated plugs for US 3 pin plugs, taking the total no of devices that can be simultaneously connected to a wholesome 10.


  • 6 nos MULTI sockets – COPPER gold plated
  • 4 nos US 3 pin sockets
  • RF EMI filter
  • Surge protector with overload/short circuit relay
  • Digital voltage display
  • Weight: 2.5 kgs

It is important to understand that the main criterion here is, supplying “clean” and efficient power to our electronics without having a smudging or clouding effect.

Here in India, we face a two prolonged problem: First – since we are a price sensitive market there is no Indian manufacturer that produces good quality IECs or plugs. Most use steel and zinc alloys that are rhodium plated and some use brass contact points (L&T Havells Northwest to name a few). There is no manufacturer that uses pure copper. Real Gold/Silver plating is only a dream. (P.S This is the reason we were forced to use US plugs.)

The other issue we face is that of “dirty” power. Most of our power mains come tapped from various stations, sub stations; fuse boxes etc having below par connectors with no RF or EMI control. This is a cause for concern. It is this “dirty” power that muddies the sound of a system. There is in fact NO power cable that can CLEAN that – however a good power cable will suppress that dirt without losing efficiency. Stray magnetic fields, electromagnetic interference, signal and loop pickups all need to be taken care of.

This is achieved by correct weaving of the copper conductors and using particular grain geometries combined with excellent shielding.


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