Sound Foundations Barracuda Power Universal Power Distribution Centre


Experience improved clarity with a more expansive soundstage bringing out the best in your equipment’s presentation.

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Logically, AC power energy into your system ends up as the sound it produces. In practice, the quality of the power can have a a huge effect on sound quality. Ever thought your system sounds better at night? This is because mains are affected (more so in the day) by household appliances, air-conditioning, lighting, etc, all of which has an effect on sound. The solution is a dedicated power distribution block.

Using ordinary extension blocks available in shops can degrade the sound to a surprising extent. Replacing your extension with the Barracuda Universal Power Distribution Centre can improve the connection quality.


  • Internal wiring point-to-point wiring using 2.5mm square OFC
  • The only distribution box featuring pure OCC copper contacts from Schneider GERMANY
  • 20A surge protection unit
  • Robust Hospital grade EMI RFI filter
  • US, Euro, UK, Indian, Singapore (independent tight fit for each unlike any modular sockets available)
  • Elcom IEC
  • Pure copper lugs from Mennekans
  • 6 Sockets – German – Copper-based 15Amp rated – the only copper-based international socket
  • Custom Made acoustically neutral Pine case with internal damping and melamine polish


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